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St Barnabas' CE Primary School and Nursery

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Curriculum Overview

At St. Barnabas', we believe in a diverse curriculum which offers our children solid subject recall and understanding; opportunities to apply, analyse, evaluate and create; and, lots of real and enriching experiences.

The intent of our curriculum is to create a vocabulary rich environment, where our students can use and apply new vocabulary throughout the subjects that they study. 
We implement this aim through a topic based curriculum. This gives our students opportunities to use vocabulary in a range of contexts, which helps them to master its use. At the start of the year we produce a Long Term-Planning Overview of what will be taught.
From here we then produce more detailed Mid-Term Plans for each Half-Term.
This is followed by weekly planning for the Core Subjects - English, Maths and RE.
 The impact of the curriculum can be seen in our Key Stage Exam results.
We constantly review and revise our curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of the students at St Barnabas'.