St Barnabas

St Barnabas' CE Primary School and Nursery

Serve with Hope and Encouragement to Learn and Love
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

Collective Worship

We believe that Collective Worship, the time we assemble together every day, both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of our school life.

We value the special time in the school day for the space it gives our children to develop a reflective approach to life and the ability to express their thoughts and feelings.
Through our collective worship we aim to provide a caring and supportive environment for children to:
  • become increasingly aware of themselves as individual and groups within the school and wider community
  • grown in understanding of the feelings of others in everyday situations
  • explore the language which people use to express their feelings
  • deepen their sense of wonder about the world around them
  • respond freely to religious and/or spiritual stimuli
  • acknowledge diversity and affirm each person's life stance, whether it be religious or not
  • grow in confidence when speaking or participating in a presentation during a Collective Worship
Worship both reflects and harbours the ethos of the whole school. It encompasses all aspects of school life and all areas of the curriculum so that every pupil, and indeed staff and family members, may feel involved. In particular, congregating together only develops and strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community - an essential part of personal development and spiritual growth.
We recently wrote a new school prayer to support our school vision.  We are proud that this prayer was written during partial school closure (covid-19) which shows the strength of our school community:

Dear God

Help us to serve with hope in our community.

Thank you for encouraging us in our learning.

May we support others,

And show love and compassion in all that we do.