Year 6 Residential to Sayers Croft

4th July 2019

Day 4 - Thursday 4th July 2019
Year 6 have been taking shelter from the sun by building their own shelters in the woods.
This was followed by some more beautiful nature art.
And of course, there needed to be some cooling down so large catapults were constructed to launch wet sponges...there might have also been a fun water fight!
In the evening, the children were treated to marshmallows around the camp fire.
Day 3 - Wednesday 3rd July 2019
This morning Year 6 have taken part in a Roman Invaders activity which included some re-enactment, stepped into the woodlands to take bark rubbings and spot some caterpillars, and created their own natural art.
This afternoon they will be going swimming and learning how to follow a trail using a compass.
Day 2 - Tuesday 2nd July 
The day has started with team-building tasks. There have been obstacle courses, things to build and some fun on rafts.
This afternoon, the children have been rock climbing and honing their skills in archery!
Day 1 - Monday 1st July
Year 6 have arrived safely at Sayers Croft and the first activity was to just enjoy their new space and surroundings!
Then they had to make up their beds for the week. As you can see, some great teamwork was going on here.
Later in the day, the children learnt how to make a fire from scratch! It took real perseverance but they got there.
Tonight there is going to be a night walk...