Welcome letter

St Barnabas’ CE Primary School
St Barnabas Street, London. SW1W 8PF    Tel. 0207 186 0152 
Executive Headteacher: Mrs Rachel Jewitt
Head of School: Miss Lauren Castle


1st September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


We hope you and your family have had a safe and relaxing summer break and are all feeling ready for the new academic year at school.  We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday 4th September.


We have attached the Return to School Covid-19 Risk Assessment for your information, but have highlighted key points in this letter so that we can all plan for a safe and happy return to school for our pupils and staff on Friday.


Arriving and Leaving School

The following procedures have been arranged to ensure that children and parents do not all arrive at school at the same time.  We ask that where possible, one parent/carer brings their child/ren to school or collects them each day.  We also ask that parents/carers follow social distancing guidelines keeping 2m away from other people whilst waiting for the school gates to open. 


For the timebeing, parents and carers will not be able to come into school to collect their children.  Dismissing children at the end of the school day will take longer than usual so we ask for your patience during these times.


If you do need to speak to a member of staff in your child’s class at the end of the school day, you will be asked to wait until the whole class has been dismissed, or, contact the school office so that a member of staff can arrange to speak to you at a convenient time. 



Arriving at school

Pick up from school

Nursery Class

Nursery Doors on Ranelagh Road will be open from 8:55am.


Parents/carers follow social distance guidelines as they wait for the doors to open.

Nursery Doors will be open from 3.20pm.


Parents/carers follow social distance guidelines as they wait for doors to open.  Members of staff will call parents over one at a time to collect their child from Nursery.

Reception, KS1 and KS2

Playground gates in St Barnabas’ Street will be open between 8:45am-9am.


Parents/carers should follow social distance guidelines as they wait for the gates to open.

Playground gates in St Barnabas’ Street will be open between 3.30pm-3.50pm.


Parents/carers should follow social distance guidelines as they wait for the gates to open.  Parents/carers should wait in St Barnabas’ Street until their child/ren are sent to them by a member of staff.


If your child is in Year 5 or 6 and will be walking home from school on their own, please send an email confirming this to the school office.


Children’s temperatures will be taken on arrival to school (staff will also be adhering to this).  Temperatures should be below 37.8 degrees in order to stay at school.  If a child’s temperature is over 37.8 degrees, this will be discussed with the parent discretely.



Breakfast and After School Clubs

Year group bubbles will be maintained in Breakfast Club and children in different year groups will not mix.  Please book and pay for Breakfast Club spaces via the school office.


Unfortunately, as year group bubbles are not able to mix, it is not possible to run our school-led (Homework Club, Cooking Club, Choir etc.) after school clubs at the moment.  We will keep in touch with parents if there are any changes with this provision.



School attendance is now compulsory again for all pupils and our normal school attendance procedures apply. 


If any child, member of staff, or anyone in their household develops symptoms of Covid-19, they should not come into school and follow self-isolation guidelines. 


If you are returning from a holiday abroad, please do follow the latest Government guidance about quarantine.  It is essential that parents/carers contact the school as early as possible to inform us of their child’s absence from school.  In order to authorise your child's absence due to quarantine and set work, we will require proof of your return date to the UK. This will also enable us to be clear on when your child is due to return to school, once their period of quarantine is over. If you have booked a holiday to return after these dates, then this absence may not be authorised. 

If your child is unwell, please do contact the school office as normal, explaining why your child will be absent from school.  Email is preferable, but you can also leave a voicemail at any time by phoning the school office.


If a child becomes unwell at school, we will contact you to collect your child straight away.  If they display any symptoms of Covid-19, they will be isolated from other children until they are collected.   If your child has symptoms of Covid-19, you will need to apply for them to be tested.  They will not be permitted back at school until the results of the test have been received and shared with the school.   Information about Covid-19 testing can be found here:



If a child or member of staff tests positive for Covid-19, the whole year group bubble will need to self-isolate for 14 days.  The school will inform parents if this occurs.


Classroom arrangements

Children will remain in their year group bubbles each day and will not mix with any other year groups throughout the school day.


All children will have their own individual packs of stationery to use each day and shared resources will be kept to a minimum. Where resources are shared within a class or larger group, these will be cleaned before use.


The Government Guidance ‘Implementing Protective Measures in Education’ states “We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff.”  We will be using visual and verbal reminders with all of our pupils to follow social distancing guidance but know that this won’t always be possible with our younger pupils.


Children will wash or sanitise their hands immediately on entering the school building and will wash their hands frequently throughout the school day.  They will also be continually reminded about the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ rule – tissues and hand sanitiser will be available in every classroom.

Cleaning of communal areas, toilets and frequently used ‘touch points’ will also take place throughout the school day.


Food and Drink

Children should bring their own, labelled water bottle into school each day.  Communal water fountains are not in use.


Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 will be given a piece of fruit to eat at morning breaktime.  Children in Key Stage 2 are welcome to bring a piece of fruit into school to eat at morning breaktime.  Children will not be allowed to share food.


As year group bubbles are not allowed to mix at the moment, children will eat their lunch in their classroom.  Food will be taken to the classrooms by members of staff and children will also have an outdoor playtime. 


Payment for school meals will be collected at the school gate each morning (£11.50 per week, £82.80 term 1) – please put the money in a labelled envelope and place in the box at the school gate.  We are making arrangements to offer an online payment system for parents – more details will be sent out about this later in the term.


If you think your child is entitled to Free School Meals (FSM), please contact the school office for more information. 


Children are able to bring packed lunches into school in a labelled packed lunch box/bag. We are a nut free school and nuts should not be brought into school.  Please do not include chocolate bars, sweets or fizzy drinks in children’s lunches.



If your child requires regular medication throughout the school day (including asthma pumps and Epi-Pens) please contact the school office to make arrangements for medication to be in school.  Non-prescribed medicines are not able to be administered at school.



Children should wear their normal school uniform to school every day.  All items of clothing should be labelled with your child’s name.


To avoid lots of items being brought into school each day, children will be able to wear their school PE kits to school on the days PE is being taught.  Class Teachers will write to parents/carers at the beginning of term with more information about this.  It is important that children wear their school PE kits on these days – no football kits will be allowed.


Collective Worship

As year group bubbles are not allowed to mix at the moment, whole school group Collective Worship will not take place.  Collective Worship will be recorded by members of staff each day, and children will participate in their individual classes.  Friday’s Celebration Assembly worship will be recorded and links will be sent to parents/carers so that you can participate at home.



We will continue to celebrate children’s birthdays in our Friday’s Celebration Assembly worship.  It will not be possible to hand out any other birthday items in school to pupils in your child’s class.  This includes cakes, sweets, party bags, other gift items.  Please do not bring these items to school or send them in with your child as it will not be possible to hand them out to other pupils.


Although things are a little different in school at the moment, the staff team are working incredibly hard to make sure that children feel safe and relaxed upon their return to school.  We will keep in touch with you with any developments at school and hope that you might be involved in our virtual Coffee Mornings and events that will be taking place over the next few weeks.  Please do check our regular newsletter and school website for more information about these events.


With best wishes


Mrs Rachel Jewitt                             Miss Lauren Castle

Executive Headteacher                    Head of School