School Lunches

School Lunches
Our school dinner meals are catered by Caterlink via the provision from a neighbouring school, Burdett Coutts. Our meals are in line with national guidelines and reflect our commitment to being a healthy school. 

For those children who opt for Packed Lunch we encourage a healthy and balanced lunchbox. These are monitored by the Midday Meals Supervisors.

  • Pupils in the EYFS and KS1 are provided with a piece of fruit each day
  • Water is readily provided and each child is encouraged to drink water during the day

  • Pupils are encouraged to eat healthily wherever possible

  • Sweets, chocolate, crisps and other sugary snacks (other than fruit or vegetables) are not permitted on school premises – including the playground – at any time. If parents bring such foods at the end of the day, staff should politely request that they wait until they are off the school premises before giving them to their children.

  • We celebrate birthdays during assemblies at St Barnabas’, but do not permit birthday parties during school time. Parents may, if they wish, send a modest party bag or slice of cake to be given out at the end of the school day. This may be distributed at the end of the day so that parents can supervise their child’s consumption of the items contained within it.