Reception visit Chelsea Fire Station

5th February 2020

Reception had a fantastic visit to Chelsea Fire Station, to coincide with our current topic on ‘People who help us.’ It was a really enjoyable trip, meeting lots of fire fighters, sitting inside a fire engine, learning about their different pieces of equipment, trying on their helmet and coats and even spraying water from their hoses! 


The firefighters showed us an infra red camera that is used every time they are called to a fire as it detects movement from people. We were also shown some machinery that are used to cut vehicles to help save people. 


We watched a fire fighter come down a pole, and learned that is the method they use to get downstairs in an emergency! 


At the end of the visit, the fire fighters quizzed us on what is safe to play with and what we should stay away from. The class were shown lots of different pictures and they got 100% in the quiz which demonstrates their fantastic listening and understanding skills. The class were given stickers as we left the fire station. It was an unforgettable visit.