Parent Maths Workshops

29th March 2019

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Our Parents' Coffee Morning/Afternoon this term, Spring 2, was actually an interactive workshop looking at two mathematical operations - addition and subtraction.
We ran a session in the morning and in the afternoon so that as many parents who wanted to attend could.
Those that came were taken through the approach to Maths we are adopting - Maths Mastery. We then spent the majority of the session looking at progression in addition and subtraction from Nursery up to Year 6.
We looked at the CPA method (concrete-pictorial-abstract) which is imperative to mathematical knowledge and understanding being secure.
We moved on to looking at the different methods and processes we use to help a child's Varied Fluency. This part was really hands-on and we were up to our elbows in mathematical manipulatives, e.g. Numicon.
We finished on how we enable children to use and apply their mathematical knowledge and understanding through Reasoning and Problem Solving.
It was an incredibly worthwhile session for all.
Those who came also received a pack of resources that they can use at home to support their child's maths also.
We look forward to seeing parents at the Summer Term 1 Maths Workshop. This time we will be looking at multiplication and division.
Many thanks,
Catrin Cunnington
(Deputy Headteacher)
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