International Evening

18th October 2018

St. Barnabas' International Evening
Thursday 18th October 2018
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It was our inaugural International Evening on Thursday 18th October 2018.
From 3:45 - 5pm our school hall became a busy hub of international activity.
We had over 50 dishes spanning the length and breadth of the world - all beautifully made by our families (and some staff too).
We cannot express how grateful we are to all those who contributed to the food stalls and all those who came.
Considering it was our first major event of this kind we are so happy that so many of our school community attended and enjoyed themselves. 

Design a plate competition!


We were inundated with fabulous plate designs. From whole plates of food made out of different materials, to intricately designed collages of world flags and many more, it was so tricky to just pick 3 winners.

Well done to all those children who designed a plate - your effort had not gone unnoticed.


Our winners for the plate competitions are: Huda, Fatima and Nana!

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Prize for the best traditional dress! 


We had so many children dressed in their traditional dress we were able to have a parade. The effort that everyone put into their outfits was just amazing. It was hard to choose the winners and Mrs McCarthy had a tough time.

Nevertheless, we decided upon 5 winners.


Our prizes for the best dressed went to Huda, Rama, Jamal, Henrietta and Mirabella. 


Well done and thank you to all for such a wonderful parade!

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