Guide dog and owner visit Reception

12th February 2020

Paul and his guide dog Star, visited Reception to coincide with our topic ‘People who help us’ extending it to animals that help us. Paul is visually impaired and relies on Star to help him with his day to day life. It was remarkable listening to Paul adjust to a new life without sight and doing so with bravery, positivity and determination.

Paul demonstrated how Star guides him, by keeping him safe and he explained how Star has learned different routes and knows how to take Paul safely to the bus stop and to the train station.

Star has been trained to bark if the smoke alarm goes off, he reminds Paul when it is time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and he even does Paul’s washing for him.

Reception asked Paul several questions. These included: ‘Do you pay for your guide dog?’ ‘Is Star your friend?’ ‘When do guide dogs retire?’ Paul answered happily and explained how a guide dog costs £56,000 to train but only costs 50p for Paul to have Star, as Guide Dogs UK rely on charitable donations. Paul explained that Star is his best friend and retired guide dogs go to homes that happily want them as a pet.
Star posed for a group photo with Reception and Year 1, who joined us for the talk.  It was an unforgettable morning.