Behaviour System

Behaviour System
Our 4 school rules are:
1. Use kind words and actions
2. Work hard and try our best
3. Always tell the truth
4. Look after our school
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High standards of behaviour are expected from all pupils in all areas of the school and when on educational visits.

Pupils’ positive behaviour is rewarded wherever possible and all staff are expected to use the whole school systems that support this:


  • House points – all times of learning and positive behaviour
  • Raffle tickets (playground) during lunchtimes
  • Star of the Week in Celebration Assembly
  • Show examples of good work to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher
  • Good Behaviour Reward (GBR), half-termly GBR and the Golden GBR at the end of the year
  • Verbal praise and affirmations
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If a child is finding it tricky to follow expectations regarding school rules and exemplary behaviour then we use our traffic light system.
  • Every child is given due warning.
  • If behaviour choices are not positive, following the warning, then the child will move their name to the green traffic light and will take 5 minutes time out in the classroom to reflect upon their actions and complete the green behaviour sheet.
  • If inappropriate behaviour persists or worsens, the child will move their name to the amber traffic light and will spend 10 minutes in the partner class: Y1/Y2 – Y3/Y4 – Y5/6 completing the orange behaviour sheet. If a child has been on the amber traffic light, the child’s teacher may speak to parents at the end of the day.
  • In extreme cases (violence, physical or verbal aggression, racism, dangerous behaviour, swearing or rudeness to a member of staff) or in cases of persistent disruptive behaviour (where green and amber have already been issued), a child may be put on the red traffic light. This means that the child is sent to the Headteacher to complete the red form and the child’s parents will be contacted to discuss the behaviour issue. Typically, the red traffic light is used very rarely and the Headteacher (or SLT, in their absence) must always be made aware of all ‘red’ incidents.
  • There is a fresh start every day – traffic lights are never carried over from one day to the next!